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(949) 798-5595michael@theshepherdgroup.com
  • Multi-Media Content Specialists
    Writing and designing compelling - and credible - brand narratives
  • Video Story Telling
    Corporate and web-based executions
  • Messaging at Scale
    High-visibility communications reach to media, bloggers, industry influencers and even target marketing prospects - directly.
  • Analytics and Measurement
    Utilizing industry's most robust Cloud-based communications platform

We are an Orange County marketing & PR firm specializing in earned, owned and social media.  What we do is pretty simple. We design and produce communications campaigns that influence people.  That means we produce everything from corporate video and print, to digital marketing. 

What we deliver, however, is much more difficult to find.  SHEPHERD content goes beyond being memorable. It’s measurable – and that’s our unique value proposition.  

Marketing success today revolves around visibility and engagement, but our metrics don’t stop there. We also spend a lot of time working on brand authority and influence, which is one reason why CEOs and Chief Marketing Officers like us.  CFOs appreciate us because we accomplish those goals without a big advertising budget.

At SHEPHERD, we start with the end. This means we work with you up front to establish clear success metrics.  Then, tapping into the capabilities of our cloud-based communications platform, we use analytics and data to guide and track key performance indicators throughout the campaign.  As a result, your marketing spend delivers higher ROI – and, along with it, clear accountability.

So, how can we put those attributes to work for you?

We take marketing to a new level. See the our client portfolio now.