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Which Types of Video Work Best for 3 Different B2B Marketing Objectives?

Which Types of Video Work Best for 3 Different B2B Marketing Objectives?

While it varies case-by-case, today’s B2B marketing departments generally focus on three objectives:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Thought leadership
  3. Lead generation

These objectives align with a full-funnel strategy conducive to capturing attention, building authority, and developing actionable opportunities.

As we continue our exploration into how businesses successfully implement B2B video marketing, let’s take a look at which specific types of video content have proven most effective for these three critical directives.

B2B Video for Brand Awareness

As competition grows and buying committees become more fragmented, expanding familiarity and affinity with your brand becomes all the more vital. You can’t be top-of-mind for prospects until you’re on their mind to begin with.

Video is an excellent tactic for meeting this objective because it gets noticed and remembered. When brand awareness is the goal, the key will be creating video content that makes a lasting positive impression. Here are some fitting options for accomplishing this:

Employee Showcase

Highlighting your office culture and catching happy workers on film always sends a good message, to potential customers and talent alike. When you feature your actual team members in videos, you can gain additional reach because they’re more likely to share the content in their own networks, activating the power of employee advocacy. Here’s a slick example from BambooHR:

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