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How to strike the perfect balance between marketing and tech

How to strike the perfect balance between marketing and tech

Over the past 10 years, the marketing landscape has changed drastically. Companies are rapidly shifting away from antiquated strategies such as phone calls, print and radio.

With advanced tech-based tools, startups can now easily generate leads, build data-driven models and automate their marketing channels. New technologies and norms have altered the ecosystem.

Due to the sudden shift, many marketers have been unable to adapt. While some are stuck behind the curve, others have become too dependent on software and lost the human element of marketing.

The most successful teams are able to strike a perfect balance between marketing and tech. You can do the same by doing the following.

Live in the data

An effective marketer is always looking at the numbers. Modern software products enable exploration of minute details that can be used to better drive decisions. Leveraging these advanced tools, you can almost immediately catch human errors or changes in customer tendencies.

The emergence of A/B testing and comprehensive, automatic dashboards has also enabled marketers to focus more time in other places. If you have to choose between 2 or more options, you no longer have to make a decision and then wait to learn if it was correct. Instead, you can test them all and see what works best. Marketing teams can keep track of core metrics and watch how they change over time as their business transforms. Doing so will lead to quicker feedback loops and higher conversion rates.

Keep a human element

It is fairly easy to collect 500 email addresses and fire off a message with an automatic follow-up. However, customers will swiftly see through that automated channel and ignore your product. In order to market most effectively, it’s critical to maintain the human element.

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