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Integrated Suite of Services


PR/Reputation Management

With licensed access to more news outlets than any other media intelligence platform in the world today, our Cision platform provides SHEPHERD unmatched story research, development and tracking capabilities. The end result: smarter, better targeted pitches and story placements with press that matter the most.


Social Media

Teams design your social media architecture and develop an integrated, multi-channel content strategy driven by channel research. We listen and learn. Then, we develop thought-leading video and digital content that’s optimized for search and customized for social networks.

Web and Video Production

SHEPHERD designers, video editors and web programmers are expert in creating non-paid, branded content. Maybe you’re looking at producing a podcast – or, some other form of customized content to support the campaign. We provide end-to-end solutions across the creative spectrum.


Marketing Communications

SHEPHERD works across a variety of e-mail publishing platforms to deploy newsletters, bulletins, flyers, surveys, contests and other forms of digitally deployed content. We adhere to strict anti-spam requirements to ensure our clients’ campaigns not only meet compliance thresholds, but recognize the needs and wants of their customers.

Media Analytics

Web-based analytics, e-mail tracking, CRM & social media dashboards:  SHEPHERD uses them all to measure campaign effectiveness, as well as efficiency. Using the firm’s licensed search technologies, our team of specialists can provide reports showing everything from visibility to engagement and sentiment analysis.


Crisis Management

If you’re in business long enough, you will have one. The response needs to be swift, strategic, and well executed. It starts with a plan. We work with you to develop one, so that when the inevitable hits you’re ready – and so are we – with strategy, protocols and 24/7 messaging.