Corporate Communications

Client: Kanu Cafe
Content: Mission, Vision, & Values Statement
Purpose: Culture Building



To educate and inspire the world to share the good that stems from the plant-based foods and experiences we serve.


To introduce our plant-based cuisine to a world that savors freshness, embraces goodness, and shares our founder’s passion for health and wellness. We will draw inspiration from her dream of touching as many lives as possible - through our recipes and message - helping others live healthier, more fruitful lives.

Through the flavour-rich organic foods we serve and the experiences we create, we will bring people and our communities closer together. To achieve those goals, we will partner with our guests, team members, educators, as well as business and community leaders who model our values. Together, we will plant good and watch those deeds spring to life.


  • We will think globally and grow locally
  • We will help others rethink the relationship between mind, body, and food
  • We will redefine the meaning of good food
  • We will be authentic in what we say and what we eat
  • We will be intentional about our food choices
  • We will educate those who yearn to learn
  • We will serve that which comes from the earth
  • We will advocate, not pontificate
  • We will inspire through insight
  • We will be passionate, but patient
  • We will live well by eating good

Client: Clarity Capital
Content: Executive Profile
Purpose: Professional Credentialing

Todd Rustman

When you’re born into a family of teachers, some might consider it fate to end up as a financial advisor who teaches people how to protect and create wealth. Todd Rustman’s career path, however, was not quite that crystal clear as a youngster growing up in Missouri.

Things started to come into focus - quickly - during a summer job working at the school bus company his father owned. That’s when his dad handed him a broom and told him to take “the idiot stick” and start sweeping. It didn’t take long for the teenager to understand this was not how he wanted to live his future life.

Fortunately, Todd was also an exceptional student. He finished high school and landed a scholarship that took him out west, far from the world of maintenance garages and mechanics. He enrolled at Pepperdine University, graduating in 1992 and later going on to earn an MBA in International Business and Finance from Thunderbird University.

He soon put that advanced education to work professionally, joining Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, Ltd. before moving to the institutional client-side with PIMCO and, later, as a portfolio manager for HNW Private Clients through Mellon Private Asset Management. After four years with Mellon, and a year as vice president with Kayne Anderson Investment Management (prior to its sale), Todd founded Clarity Capital Partners in the fall of 2000.

Influenced by the teachings of investment legends such as Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, Todd remains true to his Midwest roots by simplifying complex and confusing financial constructs for his clients. He will reverse engineer desired outcomes, presenting options developed through quantitative data, analytics and related research generated from Clarity Capital’s deep bench of financial advisory partners and resources.

Disciplined process results in portfolio management that’s strategically aligned with objectives and timelines. That philosophy helps explain why Todd has been named a Top Wealth Advisor by Worth magazine and consistently ranks among Orange Coast magazine's list of 5-Star Wealth Managers. His professional certifications include CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst), CFP® (Certified Financial Planner), and CLU® (Chartered Life Underwriter).

Jackie Robinson once said, “Life is not a spectator sport.” Todd lives by that philosophy, serving as a co-founder of the Levendi Winery as well as maintaining an active role in Southern California civic and business groups. In additional to being a founding Board member of GenNext, he serves on the Board of the Gen-Next Foundation and Orange County’s New Majority.

When he’s not sharing or finding inspiration through his professional pursuits, Todd enjoys spending time in Orange County’s historic Nellie Gail Ranch with wife Sherry and their children, Sierra and Cayden.