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Why Your Content Strategy is Failing And How to Fix it

Why Your Content Strategy is Failing And How to Fix it

Considering the culmination of traditional advertisements (newspaper, TV, radio and billboards) and digital advertisements (banner ads, pop-ups and sponsored posts), how many advertisements a day do you think you’re exposed to? 100, 500, maybe 1,000? Try 5,000. Now imagine what that number would be if it were not for the 600+ million devices that are equipped with ad-blocking technology.

Annoyed and overwhelmed, consumers are fed up with intrusive advertising and sales tactics. It’s no surprise, 70 percent of society wants to learn about products and services through content and not advertisements. Audiences crave information. We have an innate desire to be entertained, informed, inspired and even outraged. Content that is authentic, accessible and relevant has the power to shape our behavior — whether it’s making a purchase, supporting a cause, or requesting a demo.

The digital and content revolution has empowered customers to seize control of their path to purchase, forcing brands to retire their sledgehammer marketing tactics. Today, brands must attract customers with high-quality content, impacting their target audience through an array of online channels.

Content Marketing is no Longer a Shiny New Object

Practiced by virtually all B2B and B2C organizations, content has quickly evolved into one of marketing’s staples. Coined the “future of marketing” by CMOs, content has the power to solve marketing’s pristine challenges — growing web traffic, converting leads, upselling and retaining existing customers. Or simply put — driving revenue. Not to mention, it’s cost-effective compared to traditional marketing.

According to Demand Metric, content marketing generates approximately three times as many leads and costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing. On paper, content marketing sounds like a slam dunk: create content to drive demand and score revenue. But is it really that easy?

Unfortunately not.

The Majority of Content is Ignored

A few years ago, Moz and BuzzSumo analyzed engagement trends of over one-million online articles. The results might shock you.

When it comes shares and links, the overwhelming majority of content is ignored. In a randomly selected sample of over 100,000 articles: 50 percent had two or less Facebook interactions (shares, likes or comments) and over 75 percent had zero external links (earned coverage).

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