Three Ways Content Marketing Boosts The Value Of Your Leads


Content marketing continues to be critical in improving the value of sales leads. Yet, according to a 2018 survey by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), most of your competition (just 24%) are not doing what it takes to make the practice a success. Bad news for them. Great news for you– if you are in fact doing content marketing right.

If you succeed at it, you’ll put yourself ahead of the competition with increased audience trust and warmer leads for an improved sales outcome.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Get 50% more sales by nurturing relationships

You might spend lots of money raising awareness of your business, but not everyone will arrive at your website (or social media feed) ready to give you money. Without using content to nurture those relationships you’ll be forgotten by the time the person is ready to purchase. The money you spent to get their attention will be wasted. If you keep in touch with people through useful content, you will have made enough of a connection to be first in mind when they finally want to hand over their money. Research has shown that businesses who nurture leads make 50% more sales (for 33% less cost) than non-nurtured prospects.

How to create those great customer relationships: Customers will interact with your business in any number of areas. They might visit your website, or you could be emailing them directly in which case you can provide them with regular, targeted content based on their previous engagements with you. They may also be following you on social media, so make sure you supply regular content suitable for those platforms– including shares of useful third-party information. Always keep your content educational and useful, showcasing your expertise without selling yourself directly.

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