13 Essential Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing


It seems like advertisements are everywhere nowadays.

Whether blocking us from watching a YouTube video, or disguising themselves as blog articles with titles like “The 11 Secrets to Be Better at X [#4 Will BLOW Your Mind]”, advertisements are becoming harder and harder to run away from.

In the midst of all of this negative advertising, businesses are left with an incredible opportunity to stop interrupting and start helping their customers.

Welcome to the world of content marketing.

Content marketing focuses on driving sales by giving your customers what they’re looking for while they’re actively searching for it.

Today, we’re going to talk about the top 13 benefits of content marketing to help you understand how valuable this marketing strategy can be for your business.

First, we’ll share the top 13 content marketing benefits. Then, we’ll delve into how you can get started with an effective content marketing strategy.

The top 13 reasons to invest in content marketing

1. Because Google likes content.

Yep, the Google gods are all about quality content.

Don’t believe me? Just head over to YouTube and look up any interview with Matt Cutts (the former head of webspam at Google). You’ll be hard pressed to find him to respond to a question about how to rank higher in Google with anything other than “write great content.”

Google is obsessed with providing their users with the search experiences that deliver what they’re looking for. Informative content is often the best way to provide that experience.

Ok, so Google likes content. Who cares? Short answer: Everyone.

A 2018 study from SparkToro found that Google sends 10x more traffic to the average website than Facebook (and more than 10x for any other website).

In other words, content marketing dramatically boosts website traffic from your most effective traffic channel (organic search).

2. Content marketing drives more sales

Boosting website traffic is meaningless if it doesn’t result in more sales.

Don’t worry: content marketing helps with that too.

Most of your customers won’t be ready to buy from you the first time that they hear about your business. People go through a buying process before committing to a purchase. With smaller products (ex. a pack of gum), this buying process is very quick; with larger products (ex. a new car), this process takes much longer.

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